The body metabolism breaks down alcohol into toxins that can cause cancer.  The ability of the internal organs to digest and absorb nutrients from food is severely affected by alcohol.  For women, it hikes the estrogen level and results in causing breast cancer. 

            Sometimes it becomes unavoidable to attend a big weekend party.  Following guide can be used to detox the body from the side effects:

  1. Water:  One has to consume a lot of water on the next day of the weekend party.  Water will naturally flush the alcohol out of the body.  Hence the hangover and toxic effects will subside easily.
  2. Herbal tea with Honey:  Black tea with herbs like mint, rosemary, dandelion root etc. can be had with honey.  This will minimize the ill-effects of alcohol.  All the detox remedies suit regular alcoholics too. However, they need additional support.  They can visit Ontariodrugrehabs for de-addiction.
  3. Fruits/smoothies:  Fresh fruits/ banana smoothie can flush out the toxins.  Alcohol causes severe indigestion.  Consuming fruits will solve digestion issues.
  4. Say No to coffee:  Caffeine increases the severity of alcohol toxin remnants in the body.  Hence on the day after the party, one should strictly avoid coffee.
  5. Electrolytes:  Staying hydrated will greatly help in the process of detox.   Electrolytes can be consumed in addition to water.  This will help the body get the essential salts.  One can regain the energy lost in hangover health issues.
  6. Yogurt:  Intestine needs more pro-biotic food to eliminate alcoholic toxins.  Hence a good serving of yogurt will help in the detox process to a great extent.
  7. Vitamin B rich food:   Dairy products and fishes rich in vitamin B helps the body to metabolize alcohol easily.  Hence alcohol will be flushed out of digestion track and bloodstream faster.  Hence one should consume more of the foods rich in vitamin B on the day after the party.