Children normally love sweet stuff.  It is difficult to restrict them.  You can use the below tips to watch for hidden sugar in kids foods:

  1. Read ingredients carefully before buying sauces, granola bars, oatmeal and yogurt from the stores.  You might feed these thinking that these are healthy foods.  Of course, these foods are healthy.  But most times there are chances that the ingredients might be high in sugar.  Avoiding these in the storage rack is the best way of avoiding them.  Once you bring this home, you cannot curtail consumption.
  2. When your kids go out and eat without your supervision, check what they are eating.  Engage in a conversation and ask them what all they ate.  Getting this information will help you avoid sending them to a few eateries.
  3. Try to substitute dangerously hidden sugar with natural harmless sugar.  For this, you should learn about food types which are rich in hidden sugar.  When the child wants to enjoy these, give in smaller cups/plates.  If you watch them over-eating these, try to divert them.  Use Doodlebuckets toys to change their mind away from the food.
  4. Learn more about the types of sugar.  Sometimes you think only fructose and lactose are sugar.  But there are other forms like molasses, syrup, malt sugar.  Any ingredient name ending with ‘ose’ needs to be checked.
  5. Most of the foods that have hidden sugar when bought from stores, can be easily prepared at home.  Gradually reduce storing consumption.
  6. Growing children need more carbohydrates.  They run and move a lot.  So, they need a whole lot of energy.  Naturally, their craving for sugar will be more.  Do not keep tempting foods with hidden sugar in front of them.  Watch and find their sugar temptations.  Hide them away.  Try to give more natural fruits.  These will reduce sugar craving.